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Relapse Prevention for Opioid Addictions

Medications, combined with therapy, can add an essential tool for recovery from opioid addiction.

Counseling, therapy, facilitation of 12-step participation, and others are essential tools for getting well from addiction and substance use disorders. But the powerful biology of opioids (both heroin and non-medical use of prescription pain medications) and the brain mechanisms of opioid addiction mean that counseling alone is not enough for most people. The availability of medications for opioids is now fairly well known. But did you know that the effectiveness of those medications has been proven as the standard of care for opioid addiction? This means that patients who are not getting continuing treatment with one of the proven maintenance medications (Buprenorphine, extended release Naltrexone, or methadone) are not getting the most effective treatment option, and are not maximizing their chances of long term recovery.

Mountain Manor Treatment Centers offers treatment for opioid addiction at many convenient sites throughout Maryland. We provide treatment with Buprenorphine (Suboxone) or extended release Naltrexone (Vivitrol), under the supervision of specialist addiction medicine certified physicians. And our professional staff provide group and individual counseling and therapy as an essential treatment component.

This includes inpatient detoxification and initiation of relapse prevention medications at one of our inpatient programs:

  • Mountain Manor Emmitsburg
  • Mountain Manor Baltimore
  • Avery Road Treatment Center
  • Shoemaker Center

This also includes continuation of relapse prevention medications at one of our programs:

  • Mountain Manor Baltimore
  • Mountain Manor Highlandtown (Eastern Ave, Baltimore)
  • Mountain Manor Westminster
  • Mountain Manor Frederick
  • Avery Road Treatment Center
  • Journeys for Women, Journeys for Men (Rockville)

At Mountain Manor, we do medication treatment the right way. We understand that medications are not sufficient by themselves. We also recognize that the potential for diversion of some medications requires guidance and caution. Unlike some other treatment programs we are very careful to monitor medications and treatment progress, giving patients the structure to help them manage responsibly.

To schedule an assessment or get more information, contact us today! For adolescent & Young Adult admissions call 1-800-446-8833. For adult admissions call 1-800-537-3422.

Call 1-800-446-8833 for Adolescent and Young Adult Admissions

Or 1-800-537-3422 for Adult Admissions

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