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Specialty treatment for opioid addiction

Opioid addiction (both prescription pain medications and heroin) is a particularly severe form of substance use disorder. It has very high rates of relapse because of the fundamental biology of opioids, which highjack the brain’s natural reward circuits, cause withdrawal and difficult-to-resist cravings. In many ways, patients with opioid addiction need special treatment. Drawing on the experience and expertise of our clinicians, we emphasize a specialty approach that combines relapse prevention counseling with relapse prevention medications.

Medication assisted recovery (Medication assisted treatment – MAT)

National research and clinical experience have demonstrated that patients stay in treatment longer, have substantially lower rates of relapse, and experience better overall functioning throughout the treatment process with medications that decrease cravings, and block the effects of opiates. Two blocking medications that have shown success are:

  • Naltrexone (Vivitrol) – a long acting monthly injection form
  • Buprenorphine (Suboxone) – a daily pill

Of course medications are no magic fix, but these particular medications, which are safe and effective, can offer patients the protection and extra assurance they need so that they can actively engage in the treatment process, learn relapse prevention skills and achieve personal growth in recovery.

All of our inpatient programs can start patients on relapse prevention medications. All of our outpatient programs can start and continue patients on relapse prevention medications. And we incorporate these medications into treatment in a holistic and safe fashion, emphasizing supervision, accountability and integration with recovery skills.


Specialty opioid treatment for young adults and adolescent

As most of you know, the current epidemic of opioid addiction (both prescription pain medications and heroin) in adolescents and young adults is an exploding problem with devastating consequences for these young people and their families. The tragedy of overdose afflicts every community in the country, and Maryland has been among the hardest hit. Drug overdose has now exceeded motor vehicle crashes as a cause of death.

Unfortunately, the treatment world has been slow to respond, often using adult-style approaches that don’t take into account the special needs of young people, or older approaches for youth that don’t take into account the special needs of opioid addiction.

Mountain Manor Treatment Centers has developed specialty opioid addiction treatment programming for adolescent and young adults that is developmentally- and age-specific, targeting their unique needs. Some of these special features include:

  • Focus on youth-friendly engagement, positive youth culture, and peer support
  • Focus on supervision for enhancing medication adherence
  • Focus on transitions to independence
  • Focus on involvement of parents or other family members as key collaborators in monitoring progress and promoting recovery
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment of co-occurring disorders for those in need

The Mountain Manor clinical research group led by Dr. Marc Fishman, our Medical Director, has published extensively on youth opioid treatment, including the first report of the use of extended release naltrexone for opioid addiction in youth. Our Youth Opioid Treatment Programs achieved major national recognition by winning an iAward for innovation in behavioral health care from the State Associations of Addiction Services (SAAS) and the National Treatment Improvement Center (NiaTx). The youth opioid programs also received a SAMHSA Science to Service Award for office based opioid treatment in recognition of its innovation and outcomes.

Inpatient/residential treatment including crisis stabilization and detoxification is available at:

  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center at Baltimore
  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center at Emmitsburg
  • Avery Road Treatment Center, Rockville

Longer term, extended residential treatment (2-6 months) is available at:

  • Mountain Manor Treatment Center at Baltimore
  • Avery Road Combined Care, Rockville

Outpatient continuing care is available with specialty opioid programming for young adults at:

  • The Youth Opioid Program at Mountain Manor at Baltimore (ages 15-24)
  • The Young Adult Alternative Program at Avery Road Treatment Center Rockville (ages 18-26)

Mixed age continuing care is available at:

  • Mountain Manor at Highlandtown (Eastern Ave, Baltimore)
  • Mountain Manor at Westminster
  • Mountain Manor at Frederick
  • Avery Road Treatment Center
  • Journeys for Women, Journeys for Men (Rockville)

For more information on Relapse Prevention, click here.

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Call 1-800-446-8833 for Adolescent and Young Adult Admissions

Or 1-800-537-3422 for Adult Admissions

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