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At Mountain Manor, we have over four decades of experience. Throughout that time period, we have recognized that some individuals who suffer from addiction can actually benefit from medication assisted treatment. Our board certified addiction specialists and psychiatrists can determine what type of treatment is right for you!

Medications, combined with therapy, can add a powerful tool for recovery from addiction.

Psychosocial treatments – counseling, therapy, facilitation of 12-step participation, and others – are essential tools for getting well from addiction and substance use disorders. But there are increasing numbers of good medication options that can reduce cravings and help prevent relapse for many of the substances that lead to addiction and substance use disorders.

The availability of medications for opioids is fairly well known. But for some reason fewer than 1 out of 3 opioid addiction patients gets treated with medications. Mountain Manor Treatment Centers offer medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction at many convenient sites throughout Maryland. We provide treatment utilizing Buprenorphine (Suboxone) or extended release Naltrexone (Vivitrol) in a coordinated effort with individual and group counseling under the supervision of Board certified physicians who are certified as addiction medicine specialists.

There are also several effective medications for alcohol use disorders. Modern addiction science teaches us that everyone with alcohol use disorders should get the opportunity to have the benefit of these medications. But it doesn’t always happen. Mountain Manor Treatment Centers clinicians offer medication assisted treatment for those individuals with alcohol addiction in need of this support.

All too often in the addiction treatment world we forget about addressing tobacco/nicotine which kills more people than all the other substances combined. Tobacco cessation medications have been proven to more than double a person’s chances of quitting compared to counseling alone without medications.

And did you know that there are several medications that can help people overcome problems with other substances – including cocaine and marijuana and others? New research is showing that several common medications well-established for other purposes also turn out to have relapse prevention and anti-craving effectiveness. And while these medications for cocaine and marijuana may not be as strong as those for opioids, alcohol or tobacco, they add additional tools to the toolchest and can increase patients’ chances for success. Why not take advantage of every opportunity to enhance recovery? Our Mountain Manor certified addiction medicine physician specialists have expertise in these medication assisted therapy options and other of the latest scientific techniques that assist in achieving and in maintaining recovery.

For more information on Relapse Prevention for Opioid Addictions, click here.

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Call 1-800-446-8833 for Adolescent and Young Adult Admissions

Or 1-800-537-3422 for Adult Admissions

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