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Dual Diagnosis/Mental Health & Addiction

Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

Is it drugs or anxiety?
Is it alcohol or depression?
Is it substances or an anger problem?
Could it be both?


Psychiatric problems and substance use problems often go together.

Having a mental health disorder greatly increases the chances of having a substance disorder and vice versa. In fact, having both kinds of problems—“dual diagnosis” or co-occurring disorders—is the rule, not the exception. The question is not so much which came first, the chicken or the egg, but rather what to do about them both. And modern research shows us that treating both at the same time, in an integrated clinical approach, is the most beneficial for the patient.

Mountain Manor Treatment Centers uses an evidence-based, research proven approach to co-occurring problems called Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT).

Some of the features of IDDT include:

  • Treatment of both substance use and psychiatric disorders by a single treatment team expert in both
  • Not waiting for sobriety to treat mental illness, and not waiting for resolution of psychiatric symptoms to treat addiction
  • Utilization of treatments (including medications and psychotherapy) that have effectiveness for both substance use and psychiatric disorders
  • Using treatment strategies appropriately matched to each patient’s individual stage of change

If the problems go together, the treatment should go together too. Holistic, integrated treatment that takes into account both sets of problems with one-stop-shopping is more likely to succeed. Our co-occurring therapists and specialist addiction psychiatrists have expertise in the interaction of psychiatric and substance use disorders and the treatment of both.

Many individuals have had multiple episodes of treatment in both the substance use disorder system, and the psychiatric system, have received a long list of diagnoses and treatments, including many medications. Many patients tell us they are frustrated that “everyone tells me something different…I’ve tried everything….and nothing works…”

How can you tell what the right approach is? Our co-occurring therapists and addiction psychiatrists can help you sort it out. We won’t offer you any unrealistic magic overnight fixes, but we will offer you a careful evaluation process, an expert diagnosis and a thoughtful treatment plan. Integrated treatment makes sense!

To schedule an assessment or get more information, contact us today! For adolescent & Young Adult admissions call 1-800-446-8833. For adult admissions call 1-800-537-3422.

Call 1-800-446-8833 for
Adolescent and Young Adult Admissions

Or 1-800-537-3422 for
Adult Admissions

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