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Mountain Manor Treatment Centers is one of Maryland’s most respected and experienced providers of adult, young adult and adolescent substance use disorder and dual diagnosis treatment. A comprehensive array of behavioral health care services is offered in Mountain Manor’s facilities throughout the State. Our Mission Statement reflects the commitment of every staff member in the Mountain Manor organization to the provision of high quality behavioral health care to every individual served by our team members, who work diligently to promote the health and recovery of all. Our collective goal is to consistently achieve excellence in the development and delivery of the full continuum of Mountain Manor’s treatment services. Since opening, Mountain Manor Treatment Centers have treated more than 100,000 individuals and their family members.

All of the Mountain Manor residential and outpatient programs are certified by the Department of Health Hygiene Health Care Quality. Mountain Manor’s adult residential facility in Emmitsburg, the Mountain Manor adolescent/young adult residential facility in Baltimore and all adult and adolescent outpatient programs are accredited by the Joint Commission. Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting their program standards that include excellence in care and programming.

Mountain Manor’s caring and dedicated clinicians have demonstrated particular expertise in the creation and implementation of gender and age specific programming for priority populations: adolescents, young adults with opioid addictions, patients with co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health issues, women with children, adults with long-standing, chronic addictions and comprehensive care for those in need who have alcohol, cocaine and other addictions.

Mountain Manor has been one of the national leaders in the use of innovative approaches for the treatment of opioid addictions for young people and participated in the research that demonstrated the effectiveness of medication assisted treatment. The combination of medications that block cravings with evidence-based group and individual counseling provides new hope for youth, young adults and adults who have difficulty in stopping use and who are at high risk for relapse.

Mountain Manor’s full time staff includes Board Certified Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Licensed Social Workers and Psychologists, Certified Addictions Counselors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Counselor Technicians and other support personnel. Lending nationally recognized expertise to the clinical programming is the Medical Director, Marc Fishman, M.D., a Board Certified psychiatrist and Addictions Specialist who, with other national experts, designed and wrote the current ASAM Patient Placement Criteria for the treatment of Substance-Related Disorders.

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To improve the lives of our patients and their families through the provision of comprehensive, high quality behavioral health care, and to provide a continuum of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in a caring and effective recovery community.

To promote the health and recovery of our patients, their families, and their communities with treatment programming informed by evidence, science, spirituality, compassion, and therapeutic optimism.

To achieve excellence in the development and delivery of treatment services, through a commitment to quality, innovation, training, education, effectiveness, and improving outcomes.


To be the region’s leader in providing behavioral health care and treatment services for substance use and co-occurring disorders.


Our actions in attaining our vision are guided by our core values.

Care – The clinical team at each facility and site will work together to foster an atmosphere of trust and caring, while maintaining the focus that the patient is the most important customer that we serve.

Respect – All patients and family members at Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc. have the right to be treated with respect, kindness, dignity, and sensitivity.

Competence – Staff are expected to be knowledgeable, and demonstrate competency in their effective application of skills and behaviors with patients, their families, and with one another.

Safety – All persons have the right to expect a safe, nurturing, comfortable, and healthy environment.

Collaboration – Treatment will be a partnership of the patient, family, community, and staff formulating treatment goals and objectives.

Quality – Through the Performance Improvement process, treatment services will continually evolve and improve to meet the needs of our patients.


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