Often, family members, parents and guardians suspect that their loved ones are abusing alcohol or drugs, but find it difficult to know when to seek professional help.

It is particularly difficult for parents and guardians to know when to seek help for their teens because adolescents experience difficulties as part of the normal course of transitioning to adulthood.

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Warning signs for parent and guardians can include:

  • Decline in grades and school attendance
  • Explosive temper and defensiveness about activities
  • Social isolation, spending more time than usual alone
  • Change in peer group, being with the “wrong crowd”
  • Noticeable changes in hygiene and personal appearance
  • Significant changes in eating and sleeping habits
  • Changes in personality and ability to concentrate
  • Loss of interest in usual activities, e.g. sports, hobbies



Warning signs for family members and spouses regarding adult substance abuse can include:

  • Solitary or secretive drinking
  • A loss of interest in hobbies and normally satisfying activities
  • Decline in work attendance
  • Increase in somatic health complaints (complaints with no medical explanation)
  • Hostility or depression
  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Frequent use of tranquilizers or pain medications
  • Need to drink daily and increase in amount and frequency


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